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I barely exist but

that’s nice

When I was delivered, the midwives were

I swallowed the air inside that chamber

It doesn’t really matter

I feel like I’m breathing soil

To be mistaken with an artist

Nobody believed me insomnia was the best
high school

I don’t care. I am unable to sing

Funny thing

An anthropomorphic compost pile

Too much and too little

If I were to be a permaculture sector I’d embody
an edge

I’m the only one

If we were in the ancient south america, I’d be
a skywalker

My grandmother was whipped by her father when she refused to marry
the not-chosen-by-her

The owners don’t allow big-sized egos
in the apartment

Making experiences on humans

ethics, aesthetics, electromagnetics. phonetics

Every grandfather died in war

I love you way too much not to be rude

nobody asked for this serenity

I love this game

If I were old again

I would do it exactly the same


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